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Spain is an extraordinary, magnificent country and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Every traveler finds here his extraordinary place and purpose for the trip. These are business meetings and numerous conferences and beach vacations. Spain has about 2,000 beaches and an unlimited number of holiday hotels. Their total length spreads for thousands of kilometers along the coastline. Tourists are given the opportunity to enjoy a vacation on the white sands of the Costa Blanca resort, which has received numerous European-style beach compliance awards, with a choice of many hotels. The Costa Brava resort has a phenomenal seascape, where razor-sharp cliffs stand out magnificently with attractive bays. Rodas Beach, located in Galicia, has repeatedly received the title of the best beach not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

The Royal Palace located in Madrid is one of the largest in Europe. It amazes with the luxury of the Throne Room and the amazing elegance of the Porcelain Room. There is also the Prado Museum, which houses paintings by Raphael, Titian and El Greco. Barcelona, ​​walking through this city, you can see dozens of living monuments, into which painted artists turn every day. Vacation guests admire the Sagrada Familia, surprising tourists with its amazing splendor. In the evening, Barcelona enchants with the enchanting view of the singing fountains. "Magic Fountain" shows tourists an amazing dance that combines movement, light and melodies into one whole. The waterfront is home to the largest and most magnificent aquarium in the world. It houses a huge variety of themed pools.

Spain is unusually abundant in amusement parks and hotels, where extraordinary opportunities for a bright holiday are revealed for children and unforgettable memories remain. One of these places is called "Magic Island". Located in Seville, the park offers all kinds of entertainment: water show, speed slides and more. The famous Mallorca invites everyone to take a walk in the Dragon Caves. There, a mysterious underground world opens up to tourists.