Book2Go - your travel partner in Greece

Greetings from the young and dynamically developing company We are based in Thessaloniki, Greece, and the main target of our project is promoting of the exclusive tourism product of Greece mostly, but not only. Our team consists of specialists who have worked for a long time in different segments of the Greek tourism industry (incoming tour operators, outgoing tour operators, hotel chain management), and have extensive and contacts in the tourist industry in Greece and abroad. We want to collaborate with you. Our advantages:

1. We provide you all tourism product of Greece (but not only) in one convenient search engine

2. You can pay us to Pro Credit Bank account or by credit card without any commission from your side.

3. There are no risks in our collaboration. Our model of business is to prepay every tourism product to supplier (airline, hotel, transport company).

4. Flexibility. If you found a better price than we have, just tell us about it, and we will provide you much better one.

Check our proposal for your next request from your tourists on our site and be sure we have best price. Just make a registration on our site and take your profit from every deal with accommodation. Your future travel provider, Boo2Go Sales Team.