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Amsterdam is a city of sustainable development

   Amsterdam is a city of sustainable development. Each of us has been striving to visit this city since school times. Someone is interested in tulips, the presentation of which in the park is impressive and attracts millions of tourists every year, someone wants to visit the legendary Red light district, take selfies and look out the windows, continuing the evening in various bars and restaurants. Of course, these are some of the most famous motives, but in Amstredam there are a huge number of museums, galleries and exhibitions that make it possible to discover a lot of new things in one place, admire the unknown or enhance professional knowledge. The architecture of the city is simply mesmerizing, in addition to the canals, makes the rest in the city unique. Amstredam has no tourist season restrictions, the season is here all year round! Weekend holidays are very popular and it is very difficult to find a hotel at the last moment, although there are a lot of hotels in Amstredam. Here hotel selection is an exhibition of the achievements of the hotel sector. There are hotel castles, hotels on the water, hotels in historic buildings, and all international hotel chains and brands are represented. Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to sustainable development, green energy and care for nature, which is reflected in new hotels and makes Amsterdam one of the leaders in the hospitality industry.

   Every tourist will definitely remember a trip to Amsterdam, regardless of whether it is a family vacation with children, a romantic weekend or a business trip.