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Rethymnon, Greece
The ideal location We have the privilege of being located in the center of Crete, near the great archaeological site of Ancient Eleftherna, on the slope of a small gorge that reaches the sea, in the heart of the Mediterranean nature. This location is ideal for those who are looking for a place for absolute relaxation and quiet, as well as for those who want to use the villas as a base for escapes and activities in other areas of the island. From our villas you can organize your excursions to all directions of Crete or other islands of the Aegean Sea. The luxury of quietness Quietness is a luxury in the noisy world we live. The noise has flooded our lives with dangerous consequences for our physical and mental health. Surveys show that human exposure to noise, even in the smallest, is responsible for increasing stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Noise is associated with decreased creativity, reduced problem solving, slowing down digestion, hearing loss and behavioral problems. More and more people are looking for peace of mind away from annoying noises in order to be able to work, sleep, think, pray, meditate, or simply isolate and rest, and often pay dearly for it. The culture of hospitality The culture of hospitality has very deep roots in Greece and especially on the island of Crete. Her protector was Zeus himself, the father of the gods, who, according to Greek mythology, was born in Crete. Τhe culture of environmental protection Our villas not only complies with the laws and regulations on environmental protection and sustainable development but it trains its staff and invites its guests to adopt the best environmental practices.

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